Least Cost Formulations, Ltd.

Technical Software and Consulting for the Blending Industries

LCF provides software and consulting solutions to the food industry in the area of product formulation, QA and food safety. LCF�s products include: Least Cost Formulator� (world standard for optimizing and planning material usage), EZLcf� (rapid formulation system), QC Assistant� (rapid fat and protein analysis system), QC DataBase Manager� (a laboratory information management system for the food industry), Nutrifax� (nutritional labeling database), Market Forecaster� (automatic sales forecasting), LaBudde Bindometer� (handheld texture measurement system), ColorGauge� (scanner or digital camera based CIE L*a*b* color measurement system).

Current Versions
Least Cost Formulator v. 25.5
QC Assistant v. 6.4
Nutrifax v. 3.2
EZLcf v. 2.6

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